Bags for Office Furniture and Chairs

Among the factories of office furniture and chairs, it is very common to use the polyethylene plastic bag or sack to protect your furniture or chairs from dust or possible scratches, once they leave their production chain.

They are usually transparent in color, thus leaving the furniture or chair it contains visible and of medium thickness. They are manufactured with low- or high-density polyethylene, depending on the purpose and product that it will contain inside.

The sack or bag is usually placed when the furniture or chairs have just been manufactured and are not removed until it reaches the destination desired by the customer who purchases it. We also usually manufacture plastic containers to protect parts and these are removed once the furniture assembly begins, at the home or office of the end customer who buys it.

The width and height must be adapted to the volume of the piece, furniture, or chair that they will contain: table leg, wrapping a chair, sofa, or armchair.

The printing can be from a text with the assembly instructions for the office furniture or chair, or even informing the container to which said bag will be discarded. It is also common to print a drawing with the corporate image or logo of the brand.