Branded Vs Content Marketing

When we talk about branded content we are referring to one of the strategies that are part of Inbound Marketing. In other words, Inbound Marketing uses content to attract new potential customers and guide them in their decision process. But it also uses other techniques such as email marketing, and social media marketing, which complement this strategy.

What is Branded Content?

We can define branded content as a marketing strategy that is based on creating content associated with the values ​​that a brand represents. The main objective is not to inform about the benefits of the product or service they offer, but to convey an experience to users that allows them to connect with them emotionally.

Over time, companies have realized and understood that it is better to win over a customer by creating quality content and unique experiences than by highlighting the benefits and advantages that the brand has over its competition.

Characteristics of branded content

  • It is a technique that focuses on the values ​​that the brand represents and what it wants to convey to users. It is based more on the emotion and experience generated than on the products or services offered.
  • It aims to create notoriety and generate conversation. It seeks to impact consumers and make people talk about the brand.
  • Generates added value for the user. Branding seeks to create content that users really want to consume. Generally, this value comes in the form of entertainment.
  • Connect with the emotions of users. It is not intended to show arguments about why a brand is better than the competition, but to connect with consumers in a more intimate sphere.

What are its Advantages?

This type of strategy has great advantages for brands looking to go a step further and position themselves as brands that sell experiences and not products or services.

  • Generates an emotional relationship with users: Brand content seeks to tell stories that excite users in such a way that this emotion generated is related to our brand.
  • It has a viral component: This type of content is usually produced in formats such as video that allows it to be disseminated through various channels and that has a viral component that makes people consume and share it constantly.
  • It is not an invasive strategy: It seeks to attract users naturally by creating content that interests users and makes them interested in our brand.

Differences between Content Marketing and Branded Content

Sometimes these two concepts tend to be understood as one. Content marketing is a broader concept, it is a strategy that encompasses any type of content, while, for its part, branded content is positioned as a typology within the wide range of content.

Content marketing covers types of content that are not branded, such as video tutorials or testimonials, which is valuable content that generates the brand but is not focused on creating emotions for consumers.

Example of a Content Marketing Video Made by Vega Marketing Solutions…

Branded content is usually related to audiovisual formats and its main objective is to connect with customers to inspire and excite them.

This technique makes the communication of companies change radically and become a communication that seeks to generate interest in customers and potential consumers.

For its part, content marketing is more faithful to the traditional way of communicating. This type of marketing tries to generate valuable content to promote and achieve greater knowledge among users.

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