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We are manufacturers of flat-handle paper bags with the highest quality, great resistance, and ecological, similar to any type of plastic bag of the same size.

We have different types of paper bags for commerce or stores that will be tailored to your products. Flat handle bags are used by shops or businesses that want to give their company greater brand recognition, using printing to increase the visibility of the shop, since the user will reuse their bags and give them a later use.

The paper bag with a flat handle is a great advertising medium, it projects the brand image of the business and increases the service to its customers by delivering the product in perfect condition. We offer the most suitable bag for your needs.


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The paper bags twisted handle or curly is the most common in American shops, these bags offer the same capacity and endurance as traditional plastic bags.

All our paper bags are 100% customizable, from a simple printing of your logo or brand to customizing the handle to adding a colored background.

The paper bag with a twisted or curled handle is a great advertising medium, it projects the brand image of the store and increases the service to its customers by delivering the product in perfect condition. We offer the most suitable bag for your needs.



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We have personalized gift envelopes for businesses, stores and companies, personalize it with any reason that occurs to you, or perhaps your logo or brand, a wide variety of envelope sizes, which you can customize as you wish, print your logo, or design in one or more colors.

Paper envelopes are a perfect complement to food products. Ideal for bakeries, patisseries, provides customer service facilitating a more comfortable and hygienic consumption.


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The production of biodegradable and compostable plastic begins with the starch that is extracted from corn. Biodegradable and compostable bags are an alternative that we have to take care of the environment.
When plastic is biodegradable, it means that this plastic can decompose under conditions that occur in nature, through the enzymatic action of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and algae, transforming into nutrients, carbon dioxide, water, and biomass.
The fact that plastic is biodegradable does not mean that it is also compostable, that is, that it can be used to make compost or organic compost. The key is in the time it takes to carry out the two processes.
The compost is usually performed as a process of recycling organic waste (food scraps or foods) of domestic waste, in addition to vegetable pruning remains from leaves of trees, cleaning of gardens, etc.


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There are many types of plastic bags, we can help you choose the type that best suits your needs. At Reach Bags Vendor Management, we manufacture for different sectors of industry, food, pharmacies, and all types of commerce. Being manufacturers, we can adjust to the needs of the client in terms of sizes, qualities, and gauges or thicknesses of the bags. The sectors where we are specialized in providing bags for different needs are the pharmaceutical industry, industry in general, and commerce.



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Most industrial packaging is made from a complex material made up of two or more materials that can be plastics, aluminum, and other metalized or paper.

We complex the packaging materials by lamination, thanks to a uniform gluing that creates a sheet ready to be used in reels or in the manufacture of bags for automatic packaging.

Types of coils and materials:

  • Complex duplex and triplex coils for vertical and horizontal packaging. They are made in complexes of polypropylene, polyethylene, aluminum, and other metalized materials in combinations of two or three laminated layers.
  • Barrier materials, special for the preservation of fresh food.
  • Complex plastic or metalized materials combined with paper.
  • We can also apply different finishes such as varnishes and special treatments: matte, gloss, sliding, or non-slip, with a rubbery touch, antibacterial, etc.

Consult with our commercial department on the possibilities of customization and adaptation to your needs that we offer you. We have the possibility of working with different types of materials and as always, we give you the best finishes and print quality.