We work to offer you the best service, the best quality, and always with the corresponding stamps.

As we have already said, one of the main concerns of Reach Bags Vendor Management is to offer our customers the highest possible quality, both in terms of treatment and attention as well as in our plastic bags and other products.

We base this on a few pillars that are formed by personalized customer service, close monitoring of the manufacturing and delivery process, the use of quality raw materials, modern and efficient machinery, as well as quality controls of the final products. worked and we work to put the image and/or advertising of numerous brands on their plastic bags. We offer one of the highest quality plastic printing services possible, being able to capture almost any idea or design on this medium.

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Certified bags of the best quality, paper bags from sustainable forests.

Our company is committed to the Environment, for this, we have been betting on degradable, biodegradable, and compostable products for the production of our plastic bags for years.

As a result of this effort, in 2015 we were awarded the Quality and Environment Certificate.

Polyethylene: It is represented by its repeating unit (CH2-CH2) n. Due to its high global production, it is the cheapest, being one of the most common plastics. It is obtained from the polymerization of ethylene from which it derives its name.

Each of these reaction mechanisms produces a different type of polyethylene.

Reusable: They are bags designed for reuse (up to 15 uses). Its main characteristic is that they must meet minimum measurements and gauges depending on whether they are a shirt, die, or tie.

Biodegradable: It is made with organic raw materials that come from renewable sources, such as corn starch, which at the end of its useful life decomposes in a short period, in the presence of microorganisms, serving as fertilizer for plants.