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Professionalism and experience.

We have qualified professionals with extensive experience in the sector and in their respective positions. From the commercial department, through the design and prepress, extrusion, cutting, printing, logistics, etc., all work to be able to offer optimal quality in the final product result and thus satisfy the needs of our clients.

At Reach Bags Vendor Management, we attach great importance to teamwork and communication, and fluidity between departments. This, we believe, is essential for the work to reach the quality levels we desire.


Modernity and efficiency.

We have modern facilities equipped with qualified machinery for the quality requirements and certifications with which we work.

In the three different sectors of our factory, extrusion, printing, and cutting, we have the necessary means to deal with guarantees the manufacturing process from the pellets (grain) to the plastic bag. Going through intermediate products like the plastic coil.

Our design department also has, among other things, the necessary equipment to carry out all the steps of the work process. From the simplest photographic retouching, computer design, to the production of polymer plates for printing.


Commitment, attention, and solutions.

At Reach Bags Vendor Management, we are committed to trying to give the highest possible quality to all our work, taking care of the entire production process, as well as continuous contact with the client to solve any incident.

A whole team of salespeople and customer service is at their disposal, to try to solve any setback that may arise.